Welcome to skiltaire.net Skiltaire are creatures created by me, Mark Merlino. They were born in the late 1960's as an intelligent alien race, based on the weasel family of animals.

This page will be a gateway to everything Skiltaire. Please click on the link below to explore a particular aspect of the Skiltaire and my furry world.

Skiltaire in Traveller

NEW! July 2004: My wonderful mate is creating the ultimate guide to Skiltaire in the space adventure game, Traveller. There is a wealth of good information about the species, even if you don.t play FRP games. Some of the articles are mine, and the concept of Kunitsa, the Skiltaire homeworld, is a collaborative effort, most of the useful data and interesting creativity are the work of my mate, Bill Ringland. Check it out! ... and check back often, as this is a work-in-progress.

The World of Skiltaire

A site created by Chuck Fowler with general information about Skiltaire, art, stories and gaming information. A lot of research went into this site. I hope mine is as good some day!

The Prancing Skiltaire

Our home site. I live here with my mates and friends. Not much here yet, but watch this space for future developments.


This is the main page of the first "furry" convention, which we started in 1989. If you don't know what "furry" is, you can start your quest at this site. Be sure to check out our book store, sponsored by amazon.com.


The future "furry" gateway site to the web. Still in it's infant stages, but hopefully to grow soon.

  Galleries: Art, Furrycons, Personal Photos.