Party Rules

The Prancing Skiltaire
The Original Furry Household Located in Garden Grove.

The party starts at 2 PM. If you show up earlier, you won’t get into the house. You can hang out in the front or back yard. We would prefer if people didn’t show up early, unless we have made arrangements with specific people for some reason.

The party ends at 10 PM. We would like to have people ready to leave at 10 PM. This is important to keep the complaints from neighbors down.

Smoking is allowed in the back yard only. We do not want people smoking in the front yard, or along the side of the house. This keeps smoke out of people’s faces when they are moving around.

No alcohol. None. No beer, no wine no hard stuff. Don’t bring alcohol and drink it in your car, and cone to the party with a ‘buzz’. Please. We have had enough trouble with drunks already.

No controlled substances. (Drugs) This includes marijuana. It’s not legal yet…

No horseplay, fighting, or martial arts demonstrations. It’s too crowded.

No real weapons or accurate simulations. (BB or AirSoft) No real edged weapons. (swords, machetes, spears, etc.) “toy” weapons (Nerf, water guns, etc) are OK, but don’t aim them at people or shoot people with them. Bringing weapons in your car, to show to others, is also a bad idea (the police may get called) We have no control over what the neighbors might do.

No nudity. You should not wear less the you would at a public place, like a restaurant.

No groping, grabbing, or unsolicited hugging, clomphing. (jumping on people). We are all furries (most of us) and we enjoy affection, but not everyone is comfortable with it. If you’re not sure, ask.

Please do not deface the public art board. The board is for drawing, not signs and verbal graffiti. If you want to post announcements, ask me or Rodney first. Keep the are “all ages” or mostly mild content. Some younger furs have their parents along.

Do not play in the street. Drive carefully and park properly. Do not block any driveway, even a little. Gilbert is a VERY dangerous street. People drive like maniacs. If you can’t find a place to park on Gilbert, park a block of 2 over and walk. It won’t kill you…

Be polite, courteous, respectful of people and property. Throw your trash away, finish your drinks before disposing of the containers (in the right places). Put your smoking trash in the sand pails or the trash (after they are extinguished) Don’t just drop them on the ground.

Remember, we host these parties so everyone can have a good time, but don’t forget, you are a guest in our house, and we actually live here.