Skiltaire Party Gift Exchange 2019

The Gift Exchange is a Prancing Skiltaire Party tradition for the December party, which is Saturday December 14, 2019.

If you want to participate (it is not mandatory), bring a wrapped gift to the party (One gift per person, please).  The gift should be something a furry would like. An appropriate gift may be a video game or even an older game system (that still works), a DVD, books/comics, furry clothing or accessories, or plush critters. Pre-owned items should be in good condition. Food or other gift cards or holiday treats are OK but please avoid huge sugary items (some of us are diabetic). If you are buying something new for a gift, please don’t spend too much ($10.00 is our recommended amount, but it’s up to you). Gift cards for commissions are OK, but you need to honor your promise! Please, no “joke” gifts, this isn’t fair to anyone. (We can provide wrapping supplies for those who need it… but try to have your gift wrapped or bagged before you arrive.)

Go to Sylys Sable (Mark Merlino) at his desk in the computer/game room and tell him your name (the name you want to be called when the gifts are distributed). He will place your name on the Solstice Holiday Interactive Treasures List. After you give your name to Sy, THEN place your wrapped gift under the Fur Tree.

Around 8:30 PM Vinson Mink (Rod O’Riley) will have everyone gather around the Fur Tree and he will read off the names from the list. Each person called can select 1 gift from under the tree. When all the names are called, each person who brought a gift should have one. You can unwrap your gift as soon as you get it. Many people will want to see what you got!

Note: if you want to participate in the gift exchange, but have to leave before the names are called, see Sylys (Mark) or Vinson (Rodney) and he will make sure you get a gift.

Let’s review:

  1. Bring a wrapped gift to the PS party. (If you want to)
  2. Give your name to Sylys for the list.
  3. Put your gift under the tree. (Did you give your name to Sylys first?)
  4. Be there when Vinson calls out the names, and get your gift.
  5. Have fun!

The Gift Exchange makes the December PS party something extra special, even if you don’t bring a gift, it is fun to watch the unwrapping!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the Prancing Skiltaire!

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In-In-Out email

Hello sec—-@yahoo.com,

I spoke with the “regional manager” the night of the party. This is the person who owns a few of the In-N-Outs in the area. He said that the crowd was to big. This Sunday I went back to speak to the store manager, who has been there for 8 years. She was familiar with our group, where as the other person was not, as he had not been there on a 2nd Saturday.

The problem is that there are too many of us now going to the place. There isn’t enough room for the fursuiters and everyone else who goes with them. I saw it for myself, the patio was completely filled, and people were standing in rows outside the fence, right against the take-out driveway. There was no place for anyone to move, and people were being pushed into the path of the cars. There was overflow into the very active parking lot, too. Many of our group go there and stay for an hour or several. I do not go every time, but I have been there enough times over the years to notice that we have doubled in size in 3 years. There just is not enough room for a group our size on the property now. I am surprised and happy that there has not been a incident with a car hitting someone.

We were asked not to gather there anymore. I expect that if less people went, in smaller groups and then left in 30 minutes or so, to be replaced by another small group, it may work. I have no idea how this could be organized. The In-N-Out migrations was not our (the PS crew) idea, it just happened over time. The PS gets very crowded, and the group going to the In-N-Out provided some relief, but we cannot do this the way we have been in the past. The fursuiters should try to come up with an alternative plan of some kind. I will help out any way I can.

So, to be clear: This is NOT about us being furry. Not about buying food (we buy a lot of food from them). There are just too many of us now for the size of the property.


Sunday, July 13, 2014, 11:12:08 AM, you wrote:

I am just curious that I heard that PS Attendees are not allowed at In and Out due to capacity limits or not manage enough. Is this true? I heard some reports by furs.